Business Benefits

Enabling businesses to adopt electric cars in a mass scale is one of the most important targets for EzeeHop. We provide cars that you do not need to worry about. Especially for the charging (and the annoying waiting time for charging!). Whether you want us as an integrated partner or an external service provider, you are with a winner for the following six reasons.

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Connected Cars with Data

Detailed analytics of customer behaviour with environmental impact

Dashboards - Live!

Ready-made and compliant dashboards with live connectivity to the cars and passengers, including Scope 3 reporting on Sustainability

Fits the social picture

While the government struggles with one new tax / fees after another, you as a business are already getting ready for the future with EzeeHop. Your business can claim social and ethical awareness and responsibility.

Integrated Employee+User Fleet, Business Pools

Whether you want electric cars for your customers or employees, and irrespective of whether we are a partner or an independent provider, you are gaining the advantage of a learning algorithm that intelligently manages your demand of hiring, sharing or renting an electric car, withour worrying about any aspect of fleet handling nor charging of the battery units. In fact, we will provide your customers with awesome offers to make them love you more!

Really Green Branding

There is green branding, and there is green washing. With EzeeHop as your partner, you are really providing an actual impact on the environment than just claiming on adverts as some other companies do. This increases your brand perception in a very positive manner - happy customers are returning customers and default brand ambassadors for you!

Excellent and Intelligent Support

We are here to win with you. We promise more-than-awesome support in improving your carbon footprint, green brand, and future-readiness with our innovative solutions on handling and learning from real data.

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No Range-Anxiety

With our cars, you need never worry about losing your battery before your journey is over. You are guaranteed battery till you reach your destination.

Zero Waiting

With our cars, you need never wait for charging your car mid-journey. You get the car ready-to-go. As a taxi, car-share or self-drive.


As a future-friendly business, you get your sustainability Return on Investment within 12 months or less, with live dashboards showing your Scope2 and Scope3 emissions savings in monetary terms.