Let's work Together!

Do you believe in contributing to a beautiful future with a cleaner environment, better cars, and benefits to the society as well as businesses? Get involved with a futuristic player helping the environment using electric cars - here is your chance for a realistic green splash and not just another job! EzeeHop - worry-free Electric Cars!

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What's special?

  • No waiting to charge battery

    Never ever stop your journey to wait for your electric car to get charged.

  • No range anxiety

    You will forget range anxiety. In fact, we guarantee that the battery will last your entire trip.

  • Scope 3 Emissions Impact

    While we do the usual loyalty and bonus as other players, we give you your real positive impact on making the planet a better place - not some assumptions packaged with marketing messages. Live and connected data at your fingertips.

No Range-Anxiety

With our cars, you need never worry about losing your battery before your journey is over. You are guaranteed battery till you reach your destination.

Zero Waiting

With our cars, you need never wait for charging your car mid-journey. You get the car ready-to-go. As a taxi, car-share or self-drive.


As a future-friendly business, you get your sustainability Return on Investment within 12 months or less, with live dashboards showing your Scope2 and Scope3 emissions savings in monetary terms.